Wild L.A.by Tripp Ellis

 Wild L.A.

Wild L.A.by Tripp Ellis (Tyson Wild Thriller Book 16)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

I’m just a geek who loves sci-fi and horror. I was abducted by aliens and forced to travel the galaxy as the official biographer of an evil galactic ruler. This is where I learned to hone my craft. Fortunately, I escaped and made my way back to Earth, and now I write about my adventures.

Many of the girls decided to demonstrate how easy it was to remove some of their homemade wares, eliciting more wild cheers from the crowd. The girls bounced and undulated, their slick, glistening curves on full display. Wide eyes from the crowd ogled the sumptuous delights.

A DJ with a low, smooth voice announced each of the girls as they took the stage. Many of them worked at Forbidden Fruit, the infamous strip club on Oyster Avenue. They were no stranger to bearing all for lecherous crowds.

Jack’s band, Wild Fury, was set to play after the bikini contest. After that, a barrage of fireworks would dazzle the crowd with a colorful display of pyrotechnics. It was THE place to be on Coconut Key.

Jack and I stood by the stage during the contest. JD grinned with pride at his accomplishment.

Several of the offstage contestants hung around JD, pawing at him, hoping to curry favor. Jack wasn’t judging the competition and had no say in the matter, but he didn’t seem to mind the bevy of hotties that surrounded him.

That was until Sloan arrived.

“Am I catching you at a bad time?” she asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Oh, no! Not at all,” Jack said, trying not to look guilty.

He slipped away from the beauties and stepped toward Sloan. Pouty looks twisted the bikini models’ faces.

JD was smitten with the sultry brunette, and it was easy to see why. Sloan was smart, witty, and had a successful career as a pro golfer. She could see right through JD’s bullshit. That made her all the more alluring to him, I’m sure. Her gorgeous blue eyes, sculpted cheekbones, pillowy lips, and toned body didn’t hurt either.

The two hadn’t officially been on a date yet, but this was the second time she had ventured out to see JD’s band play. At this point, he hadn’t even gotten to first base.

There must have been some interest on her part. Why else would she keep accepting his invitations?

‘Can I get you a drink?’ JD asked.

‘Sure,’ Sloan said, then eyed the bikini-clad beauties by the stage. ‘I don’t want to pull you away from your entourage.’

She tried to sound disinterested, but underneath the slightly sardonic tone in her voice, the glimmer in her eyes betrayed her amusement—JD had abandoned the other temptations. And Sloan liked it.



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