Wings of Fire by Katerina Martinez

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire by Katerina Martinez (The Obsidian Order Book 4)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 280 Kb

Wings of Fire : Find the last stone. Stop my brother. Save the world.
Valoel, my half-brother, is on the hunt, only this time he doesn’t want to recruit me – he wants to straight up murder me. I don’t have a choice.
I have to kill him first.
Before I can do that, I need to find the fifth stone. Without it, my chances of beating him are slashed. The only problem is, I have no idea where to start looking for it. With only a few options and very little time to figure out which is the best one, I’m going to have to count on the one person I’d rather not see again in my life to make this work.
To save myself, my city, and my friends, I have to push past my own pain and dig deep into whatever’s left of me. I can’t let Valoel find the fifth stone. If he does, we’ll all be puppets to his whim. and I’m nobody’s puppet.

“I took a hard right at the fountain, making such a sharp turn that I almost went right through it. I’d avoided a direct hit, but I’d also managed to soak my entire left side in the process. She’s gonna kill me, I thought, as I raced toward the castle again. I found her waiting on one of the central spire’s balconies, her wings folded at her back, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

She was beautiful, my mother. Her hair was as white as mine, her skin sun-kissed and always seeming to glow, her eyes as blue as the summer sky. To someone meeting her for the first time, she’d look downright delicate with those fair features of hers. They’d think her meek, and defenseless.

I knew, though, and so did everyone else in the kingdom, that she didn’t need the two guards stationed on either side of her. She was a fierce warrior, a renowned sorceress, and easily the most intelligent person under the twin moons. If I grew up to be even half the woman she was, I would count myself lucky.

By the look on her face, though, I could tell I probably wouldn’t even come close to her level of awesome; she didn’t get to where she was by goofing around.

“You’re late,” she said, as soon as my feet touched the ground. “And you’re soaked… what happened?”

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