Wired Truth by Toby Neal

Wired Truth

Wired Truth by Toby Neal (Paradise Crime #10)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 669 Kb

Wired Truth : Paradise hides a master thief.
What if diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend?

A heist at a high-end auction house sends tech specialist Sophie on a new case hunting down a thief whose skills match her own. Even as she chases a cache of precious gems, events begun in a distant land threaten the fragile happiness Sophie’s building—and an enigmatic new partner brings challenges close to home, luring Sophie into the world of vigilante justice.

“Each big wooden cask was hand-cranked in a different direction by a ninja, and Connor leaped from one to the next, moving boldly to keep his forward movement. He focused on a single spot on each barrel, imagining they were stationary, propelling himself relentlessly.

He shut out the random bellows of the trainees turning the cranks and even the stinging surprise of bamboo whips held by ninjas lashing his legs as he jumped across the rapidly shifting surfaces. A roar of excitement went up as Connor reached safety on a small platform between two huge, upright wooden logs.

The heavy beating of a taiko drum, knocking off the seconds, penetrated his concentration. He didn’t just have to make it through the course. He was being timed, too.

Connor tilted his head to look up at notches ascending the heavy logs. The “salmon ladder” obstacle was a tough one—for this challenge, he had to heave himself upward, hanging from a crossbar, hefting the bar upward from notch to notch until he reached the top.

The salmon ladder was all about strength, rhythm and accuracy, and he’d practiced this obstacle many a time. Connor spread his arms and leaped up to grasp the staff.

His fingers failed to connect, slithering off the wood—it was dark with oil! He hit the platform in a crouch, almost falling to his knees.”



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