Witch Ghost To Hunt by Amelia Ash, Vered Ehsani

Witch Ghost To Hunt

Witch Ghost To Hunt by Amelia Ash, Vered Ehsani (Wavily Witches Book 6)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

Make memories that will haunt you.
Evian is busy studying how to be a witch while trying to figure out her relationship with … well, everyone. Rita meanwhile is fussing about her baby’s rapidly approaching due date and has decided to appoint Evian as her midwife. And Squeaks can’t believe the kitchen is out of mangos, again!
All birthing plans and mango meals go awry when someone tries to kill Evian with a metal filing cabinet. And when she discovers the town hall’s janitor dead in his office, Evian is once again on the police chief’s suspect list.
As she, Rita, and Squeaks try to figure out who the real killer is, an unusual suspect floats to the top of the list: the ghost of Tea Hall. Now all they have to do is trap a ghost, find the janitor’s notebook and catch the killer, preferably before the baby arrives.


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