Witch Hunt by Marie Batiste

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt by Marie Batiste (Moon Investigations Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB |2.7 MB

When technology and magic are intertwined, elf gangs rob and curse you, and dragons strut their stuff down the street, anything can happen.

Private Investigator Hazel Moondance tries her best to help the families of the missing, the forgotten, and runaways on Crystal Lake.

When a mother is searching for her daughter Rose, Hazel is determined to find her. With the help of a bounty hunter and a seasoned witch, Hazel unearths Rose Stone’s secret life, a link to other unsolved cases, and a strange ritual that could bring all life on the island to a fiery end.

Hazel must find Rose, the other missing girls, and their kidnapper before the night of the Emerald Stars or watch as the home she loves goes up in flames.

She grabbed the heavy chains that hung from her wrist and swung with all her might. It had taken her twenty-six days to loosen the spike that nailed her chains to the floor. The chains and the spike slammed against the head of her captor. Tommy fell to the ground. Blood pooled above his brow. Rose bolted towards the wooden door. She closed it behind her, but it wouldn’t lock without a key. Standing on the other side she listened.

In the hallway, there were many doors just like hers that were locked with peepholes. She walked up to the door in front of her and pulled the wooden slat open. She peered through the hole. The room was set up exactly like hers. A soiled mattress on the floor against one wall and two buckets on the floor for the bathroom. A woman was on the mattress face down.

“Hello,” Rose whispered. “Hello?”

The woman didn’t move at the sound of her voice. Rose thought of a spell she could use to undo the lock. She stuck a finger into the keyhole. Nothing happened. She did it again. But again, nothing happened.

“What’s wrong? Why isn’t my magic working?” She whispered to herself. “Oh. That’s right ananite chains.” Her magic wouldn’t work if she had the cuffs around her wrist.

At the end of the hallway, a heavy wooden door was partially open. She moved towards it. With every step, the chains rattled loudly. As she tried removing the cuffs, she heard someone moan. Rose darted for the door. She had to get out.

She pushed the door open and inhaled fresh air for the first time in days. The morning breeze gave her goosebumps. She shivered as she took in her surroundings. She felt as if she could breathe again. There was a house to her left and nothing to her right. Nothing but trees. She couldn’t see a road or even a path through them. She looked towards the trees and started running.

Tree branches clipped her in the face almost knocking her down, but she kept going. She stumbled over fallen branches and rocks. She stopped for a minute to catch her breath when she realized no one was chasing her. Her lungs were on fire while the cuts on her legs bled. She was weak, tired, and hungry, but she had to keep going.

She started running again. In front of her, she could see a building and a clearing. She ran harder.

“No,” she whispered.

She stopped in front of the stable. She had gone in a complete circle and ended up right back where she started. Tommy leaned against the stable doors. He smiled. Rose turned around and ran. She ran in the opposite direction and changed her path by going North.

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