Witch Out of Water by Dee Harlow

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Witch Out of Water by Dee Harlow (Mythic Cove #1)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Welcome to Mythic Cove, where weird is a way of life. Lily Summers is having a bad day. She was fired from her job for a mistake that wasn’t her fault. Her rent is overdue, and the heel on her favorite pair of shoes broke. But when a magical letter arrives declaring her the last living heir of a family she didn’t even know she had, her day is about to get a whole lot better… or a whole lot worse. Transported to the paranormal town of Mythic Cove, Lily finds her world turned upside down in a flash. Not only does she discover she’s a witch, the potion shop she inherited comes with an unexpected surprise inside — a dead body. With the help of her perky assistant, her great-great-great grandmother’s ghost, and a cranky werewolf detective, Lily must find a way to clear her name of murder and stop the true culprit, or she won’t live long enough to learn any magic at all.


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