Witch Silenced in Westerham by Dionne Lister

Witch Silenced in Westerham

Witch Silenced in Westerham by Dionne Lister (Paranormal Investigation Bureau #5)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 697 Kb

Witch Silenced in Westerham: When Will invites Lily to meet his grandmother at the Saint Catherine Laboure care home for witches, she learns the residents have been dying at an alarming rate. Will’s grandmother is scared she’ll be next—but they put it down to the paranoid ramblings of a dementia patient. Until Will’s grandmother dies unexpectedly for no apparent reason….

To find the killer, Angelica volunteers to go undercover, being one of the only older agents in the PIB. Lily’s magic reveals her mentor is in mortal danger, but despite Lily’s arguments, Angelica takes the assignment.

Can Lily use her witchy skills to unravel the mystery before someone she loves becomes the next victim?

“This is my friend, Lily. We work together. Lily, this is Edith.” He probably couldn’t introduce me as his girlfriend because Frank, whoever he was, was probably married. We didn’t want to upset her.

“Hi. Lovely to meet you.” I gave her my brightest smile. Her skin was wrinkled, her hair white, but her eyes were the same blue as Will’s, albeit a bit duller.

She returned my smile. “Please, have a seat.” Other than not recognising Will and thinking she was going to leave here soon, she seemed fine. Her accent was suitably British and refined, her speech clear. She picked up the TV remote and switched the TV off.

Will sat in the chair closest to the bedhead, and I sat in the chair next to him. Edith fussed with the scarf. “So, Lily, what do you do at the factory? Are you Frank’s new secretary?”

“Ah… yes. I am. He’s lovely to work for, when he isn’t grumpy.” I winked at her. She laughed, and Will gave me a “you’re going to cop it later” look. I did wonder if Frank was his grandfather or a cousin, maybe an uncle.

She turned to her grandson. “How are Elspeth and the boys?”



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