Witchy Mysteries Boxset by Dee Bridgnorth

Witchy Mysteries Boxset

Witchy Mysteries Boxset by Dee Bridgnorth
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 5 MB

If it goes bump in the night, this girl won’t give up until she finds out why.

BOOK 1: Dead Cat’s Chant
Witches and Shapeshifters have had their squabbles in Wilberfourth, Maine. But when local shapeshifter Erik Burroughs is accused of stealing a fortune in priceless magical artifacts from a local warlock, Marjory isn’t quite sure that they’ve got the right guy. Sure. The evidence points right to Erik’s door, but he just doesn’t strike Marjory as a thief. Of course, Erik isn’t helping himself by claiming that it was a ghost who committed the crime. Then again, maybe the restless dead have more to do with the living than Marjory ever realized.

BOOK 2: Dead Sister Drama
Thanks to an unfortunate series of events, Erik Burroughs and Marjory are unnaturally close. But Erik comes with a litter full of sister drama. When funeral home director Clara Burroughs becomes particularly tiresome, Marjory has had enough. Then several bodies mysteriously disappear from the Burroughs Funeral Home and Clara is blamed.
When Erik asks Marjory to help, she tries to refuse. Then someone arrives in her herbal shop pedaling some items that are suspiciously dead. Of course, a stolen body, especially one belonging to a regular human, means police involvement. How fortunate that Marjory happens to quite enjoy pestering local detective Ryan Lucas. Marjory might even let Ryan think he solved the mystery on his own this time. Maybe.

BOOK 3: Deadly Sniff
There is a new drug at the local high school and it’s a real killer. Literally. As the owner of the local herbal store, Marjory is worried that the substance might be coming from her shelves. When Marjory confirms that her supply of poison hemlock is involved, she has to investigate. It doesn’t take long to realize that the only fatalities involve kids from non-paranormal families. It is almost like someone is targeting them on purpose. Now Marjory must look at the members of her own coven. Which one of her fellow witchy practitioners might have a bone to pick with the local children of Wilberfourth?

BOOK 4: Hex Detective
Marjory’s detective friend Ryan Lucas is having a string of bad luck. He’s convinced that it’s all just coincidence. Marjory is pretty sure he’s been hexed. But who would want to ruin the reputation and career of one of Wilberfourth’s finest? When the bad luck incidents take a dark turn, Marjory must investigate some surprising connections between the very un-magical Ryan Lucas and the supernatural world of Wilberfourth. It is a connection that seems to have spanned generations and has given Ryan Lucas an unnatural hatred and disbelief in all things supernatural. It will be a challenge to un-hex a cop who refuses to believe in hexes, but with Erik’s help, Marjory is up to the task.

BOOK 5: All Hallows Disaster
As Halloween approaches, Marjory is eagerly anticipating the favorite season of every witch in Wilberfourth. She and Erik are taking bets as to how many children they can scare with their pranks. But when Ryan Lucas starts to act very strangely, Marjory wonders if there’s not someone else out there with an even bigger prank planned. The poor detective just got over being hexed. Marjory is starting to think that being around her is just bad ju ju for poor Detective Lucas. Too bad she can’t get him to agree with her. He seems to have sipped from a Love Potion and it will take all of Marjory’s witchy skills and Erik’s kitty cunning to keep Ryan Lucas from realizing that his disbelief in the paranormal doesn’t make it any less real.


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