With Intent to Deceive by Michael Smigocki

With Intent to Deceive

With Intent to Deceive by Michael Smigocki
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.4 MB

He’s about to uncover a powerhouse 9/11 conspiracy that could bring down the White House… If they don’t bring him down first.

Investigating a corporate bankruptcy is a typical assignment for Mike Stanton’s forensic accounting firm. Security Systems Corporation, however, is owned by the President’s brother and therefore no ordinary company. Mike’s discovery of some very unusual connections between SSC and the tragedy of 9/11, just three years ago, raises alarms up the chain of command and before long has White House Chief of Staff Kevin Rome throwing up roadblocks. His suspicions raised, Mike keeps digging, prompting the appearance of a government liaison in the form of leggy brunette Mirabella D’Souza who is assigned to monitor his team and “help” with the federal investigation.

Wary at first, Mike is surprised to find that he and Mirabella become closer as they work, and with her assistance the bankruptcy investigation reveals ever more secret transactions. As the evidence mounts, so do the stakes—with the ­President up for reelection, Mike finds himself struggling to do his job in the face of ­escalated pushback from the Chief of Staff. When the Bankruptcy ­Trustee on the case and Mike’s best friend turns up dead, the accountant begins to ­understand the lengths to which someone will go to stop his probing. Unable to trust ­anyone—not even Mirabella, who has captured his guarded heart but whose loyalties ­remain conflicted—Mike must prove his theory and make his findings public before he loses everything he’s worked for…even, perhaps, his own life. And the ramifications of what he uncovers could change everything.


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