Without Warning by Jed Hart

Without Warning

Without Warning by Jed Hart (The Jake Hunt Series 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.1 MB

This high-powered tale follows Australian protagonist, Jake Hunt, a good looking, witty, straight shooting guy who works as an aviation adviser to a global oil company. Jake has finished with war until terrorists kidnap his boss’ wife, and a routine work assignment fragments. In the backdrop, a love story develops between Jake Hunt and his co-worker, Nicole Roswell. But her ideas of right and wrong are tested to the limit when she realises that her charming and thoughtful man is an incorrigible risk taker. When Jake reverts to his military training, the trauma of his wartime experience returns. Then all hell breaks loose when the terrorists attack the sultanate seeking power and revenge, and those involved must act to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Could such a terrible human be an instrument of divine intervention? Shouldn’t he have redeeming qualities if he worked in Allah’s service? Some spark of divinity or goodness? But there was nothing. The devil incarnate, he thought. That is Khalid, and I serve him out of fear.

But he counselled himself: The cause is just. The return of the Caliphate is a righteous goal. For more than a thousand years after the death of Muhammad, may his name be blessed. Caliphs ruled the faithful, and Islamic scholars led the world in science, philosophy, law, mathematics and astronomy. Why should it not be so again? Civilisations come and go. Islam is rising, and Christianity is falling. Why not a new Caliphate and why not an independent Islamic state in the southern Philippines?

A dream, he thought with a sigh, and I am not a scholar or a politician. These things are above me, like Khalid himself. He fights for an independent Islamic state and a global Caliphate. Who am I to judge such lofty objectives?

In his heart, Amir believed they were both worthy goals, but he did not want to fight for them. Did he commit some mortal sin by wanting to live in peace with his neighbours? They were people of many religions, creeds and philosophies, but he liked them. Should he hate them instead? Would that be better?

These were thoughts he didn’t voice because if Khalid ever questioned his commitment, Amir was dead, and his family would die with him.

So, he thought, I remain silent. A voiceless jihadi fighter. Fear is the enemy, and I must be its master. To be fearful is no shame, but I must fight against this terror, just as I have fought to raise my family out of poverty.

I cannot be half a jihadi, he told himself. I must become the man I need to be. The thought made him tremble and, having named his objective, he wondered if he could possibly achieve such a thing. The idea of being a successful jihadi was so alien that he cringed from it. During these short, cold English days, he questioned himself repeatedly. He did not know where he fit in anymore. The world shifted beneath him; he was adrift, desperate, drowning, and he saw no lifeline. Recalling the events that changed his life was painful.

In mid December, Amir returned from London on his annual trip to Jolo City in the southern Philippines. This was his birthplace, and he loved it. Each time he flew back, he marked the contrast between England’s green countryside and Jolo. To outsiders, Jolo was a poor and dilapidated place, but it was home to him. The people were humble and scraped a meagre living; few families afforded the luxury of education.

Nevertheless, hard though life was when he walked the streets close to his home, his neighbours greeted him with respect.



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