Women On Top of the World by Lucy-Anne Holmes

Women On Top of the World

Women On Top of the World: What Women Think About When They’re Having Sex by Lucy-Anne Holmes
English | May 25th, 2021 |Biographies & Memoirs| 224 pages | True EPUB | 24.75 MB

This collection of fifty true disclosures by women around the world from all ages and walks of life reveals their innermost thoughts and feelings during sex, accompanied by full-color interpretive illustrations from cutting-edge artists.

Author Lucy-Anne Holmes has spoken to women from around the globe, ranging in age from 19-75, as they reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings during sex. The result is an incredible compendium of true disclosures that are funny and sad, shocking and tender.

Fully illustrated throughout by a range of cutting-edge artists who have interpreted the intimate revelations in their unique ways, Women on Top of the World will be a provocative collection of female voices. It promises to contribute to the changing way women are now talking about their sexuality, and their journeys toward self-discovery.


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