Worth the Risk by Megan Hart

Worth the Risk

Worth the Risk by Megan Hart
English | 2020 | Contemporary Romance | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Sometimes, only love is worth the risk.
Five contemporary romances in one bundle!
Three full-length novels and two novellas.

Stumble into Love
When Laila Alster hires klutzy LoveMatch escort Hal Kessler to pose as her fiance, it’s not to impress her family. She plans an explosive breakup to convince them she’s better off single. Hal enthusiastically tries to to act like the utter jerk Laila needs him to be. As Hal’s fumbling feet lead them into mishap after misadventure, Laila finds herself stumbling along beside him…right into love.

Bachelor Number Four
Is the bad boy back to break her heart?
Twelve years ago, Arden Walsh let Shane Donner break her heart before she walked away from him for what she thought was forever. Now, widowed too soon and with two young daughters, the last thing Arden has time for is a relationship.
But a little hot sex?
Yes, please.
After another disaster date leaves more than a bad taste in her mouth, she has to admit it. The only man worth black stilettos and red lipstick is the one for whom she once threw caution to the wind, and never since—not even for her husband. Twelve years, and she can still taste the bittersweet memory of Shane Donner.
In a keystroke, a search engine connects the past with the present. As sparks fly from her fingertips to his, she begins to wonder if a screen full of seduction is enough to forge a future.

Nothing in Common
It’s all fun and games…until someone falls in love.
Burned in the past by a handsome man who’d made her feel ugly, Lila Lazin’s not interested in Tom Caine. Tom looks like he stepped right off the cover of a fashion magazine — and he’s smart and funny, too. He’s also interested in Lila, no matter how much she tries to tell him they have nothing in common.

Always You: A Novel in Three Parts
Jack and Josie have a game.
Ten points for correctly predicting which lame come-on the next person will use to hit on you. Fifteen points for getting asked for your phone number. Twenty for being bought a drink.
Get someone to ask you to go home with them, and you’ve won The Game.
Now Josie’s tired of watching beautiful women throw themselves at the one man who’s always been there for her, and even winning has become losing if it means the man who takes her home from the bar isn’t Jack. She knows how to get other men to fall at her feet, but will the same moves work on her best friend? In love and lust, it’s all about Playing The Game…
Jack and Josie have been friends for years, but what will it take to convince them it’s time to become more?
Always You includes Playing the Game, Opening the Door and White Wedding, three novellas from the author of best-selling novels Dirty, Broken, Tempted and more.

Friendly Fire
An island. A fantasy. A new beginning.
Agent Kendall Frasier has every reason to despise Agent Zane Vincent. After all, Vincent’s the reason Kendall’s partner ended up dead. When both agents are sent to a tropical island for some forced rest and psychological evaluation before they can return to work, neither of them expect the other to be there. Sparks fly. Passion ignites.
It’s an island, so why not give in to the fantasy?
Friendly Fire is a sexy novella featuring salt breezes, soft sands and a assorted muscled abs and witty banter. Slather on the suntan lotion and grab a fruity drink for this guaranteed Happy Ever After!

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