Wreck Me Forever by Lila Rose

Wreck Me Forever

Wreck Me Forever by Lila Rose (Polished P & P #1)
English | 2020 | Romance MM | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Lucas Storey’s life is all about college, studying, and finishing his medical degree. That’s until he moves in with his older brother and meets his motorcycle club friends. Only, new people make Lucas nervous, almost to the extent of peeing himself, but he soon realizes they’re great people and will accept him as he is.

Now, if only he can stop thinking of a certain grumpy biker, things will be good.
Never before has Wade “Wreck” Williams noticed the same sex, or at least not until Lucas crashes into their lives. And notice Lucas he does. But that’s not all. He wants to get to know the man, and he kind of likes looking at Lucas too. None of it makes sense, and Wreck will fight it for that reason alone.

When Lucas thinks he can go out with a someone who’s not Wreck—and jealously rears its ugly head to a point Wreck just has to step in—it’s clear that he may just be wrecked forever.

“Whatever,” I said bravely. I wouldn’t let Wreck’s fierce look intimidate me, not when I found his concern over my well-being sweet. I picked my pen back up and looked down at the textbook again. Zion grabbed Wreck’s attention when he started talking about his motorcycle, and I went back to reading.

At least I tried to, but I was sure my body was on fire since I could feel Wreck’s gaze burning into me every now and then.

It had been a couple of weeks since I saw him last, which was when we’d first met. Two weeks went by, and I hadn’t even thought of him. Okay, a total lie, but I kept it to a minimum of two thoughts a day. Now he was in the house again, and all I wanted to do was listen to his gruff voice and stare at him so he could star in another fantasy.

I’d lost count of the times I’d masturbated while thinking of Wreck, of how he had me pinned to the wall instead of Kylo. But the difference was, I’d been wrapped around Wreck in a lover’s embrace.

A laugh escaped me. If he knew what he did to me, he would freak out. Why, oh why, did I have to find him the most attractive out of Zion’s friends?

Kylo had kept in contact, and we were becoming closer. Why couldn’t I be attracted to him? Heck, even Gregory, a guy in one of my classes, had approached me just yesterday and asked if I wanted to get coffee. He was nice, sweet, and cute, yet I said no instinctively. I’d said no because my stupid head wouldn’t stop thinking of the muscular Wreck.

I didn’t even know his real name for crying out loud.

I guessed no one listened to me from the heavens when I’d prayed that I didn’t want to see the man again so I could get over my attraction.

My phone chimed with a text, and I smiled. It was Kylo. I opened it; he was asking me if I wanted company. I nibbled on my bottom lip as I thought about it. He’d popped by a couple of days ago, and we’d listened to music while eating Chinese takeout and talking. It’d been good. We’d laughed and got along really well. I could see him becoming a good friend.

However, I did have to get at least three more chapters done before I went to bed. Even though it was Friday, I liked to get as much done as I could before I had work the next day.

“Who’s that?” came barked next to me as a plate was deposited on the table next to my arm.

I glanced up. Wreck stood there, staring down at me. Did he ever not glare?

“Um, a friend.”

“Eat” was all he said before stepping back into the kitchen where Zion was.

I glanced down at the plate and found two grilled cheese sandwiches. My stomach growled loud enough both my brother and Wreck looked over.

“See, he forgets to eat when he’s studyin’ too,” Zion supplied. Wreck’s gaze narrowed once again as he grunted. It had me wondering if he grunted like that when he came.


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