Wretched Results by Barbara Ebel

 Wretched Results

Wretched Results by Barbara Ebel
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

Barbara Ebel is an award-winning and USA Today Bestselling Author who sprinkles credible medicine into the background of her medical suspense novels. Since she is a physician and specialized in Anesthesiology, her operating room scenes shine. However, her vivid characters and plots take center stage.

In the morning, Dr. Viktoria Thorsdottir begins her assignment at Amour Cosmetic Surgery. In the afternoon, she’s wondering what the hell she’s doing there.
Viktoria’s temporary anesthesiologist’s position at Amour is perfectly situated on Long Island, NY, and near her home where she’ll spend a rare month with her husband. But both places are giving her the creeps.
˃˃˃ Do all of Amour’s procedures, like facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation, turn their patients into Hollywood goddesses?
Dr. Thorsdottir discovers that the strip-mall beautification center runs like a well-oiled machine, but as the days go by, she becomes privy to what goes on behind-the-scenes. After a patient winds up dead, the attentive anesthesiologist discovers behavior at Amour that makes her skin crawl. Probing deeper is one thing. Must Viktoria also become a whistleblower?

Vikotoria Thorsdottir’s husband, Rick Richter, spent the Fall afternoon in the backyard of their Long Island home. Since he pieced together two different jobs to fill his resume, which didn’t amount to a normal person’s part-time position, he secured the luxury of filling his days the way he wanted. Especially at the age of thirty-seven. How fortunate for him that he had married a workaholic physician.

The two red maples in the fenced-in yard were ablaze with color, one of them more magnificently scarlet, and the other one displaying orange and yellow like it mimicked pieces of fruit. Another one on their property, on the front lawn, was beautifully broad and the fastest grower. Particulary fond of them, he had secured a hammock between the two in the back.

He stood with a rake, his early efforts paying off. Recently, the deciduous leaves had started to fall, and he wanted to prevail with stuffing them into trash bags in a timely fashion. There was no other significant yard work he needed to do all year, except to mow the grass and trim a few bushes in the front. He did enjoy the outside yard work and, in addition, his efforts were noticed by his wife, and that counted for something.

Of course, there was another reason why he spent his afternoon outside. He qualified as a heavy marijuana smoker, so much so that it made his head spin—literally. Viktoria was home for a month, a rare occurrence, and he wasn’t used to that. Most of the time, he could smoke in the house, but with her coming and going, it would be difficult to mask the odor and the evidence. And she would be home soon.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know about his habit, because she did. However, she knew nothing about his addiction when they first married. In essence, he had kept his pot stash and smoking from her, and only over time did she come to know. It threw a wrench in their marriage.

It bothered her immensely that he was breaking the law since marijuana was still illegal in New York. When she would argue with him about it, he would tell her that the day would come when that would change. As reported in the papers, the governor was already thinking about a future law which would decriminalize people for possessing small amounts of weed.

That was not her only problem with him using it, however. His moods went up and down like a teeter totter. Although he tried to deny it, he could get quite nasty while on a smoking binge. At some level, he wondered if the purity of his grass from his dealers was getting more doctored with other additives, but he was no weed pharmacist.

He wanted to hurry and get in another fix before his wife came home, so he pulled out his pipe, lighter, and baggie of ground weed from the pocket of his light jacket. After putting some marijuana into the pipe, he engaged the lighter to the edge and inhaled lightly. With a nod to himself, he praised the heat distribution, airflow, and how efficiently he mastered the technique. However, he liked to mix up his methods simply for the variety of it all. No question, he rolled his joints damn well too.



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