Wynter’s Discontent by Nigel Draper

Wynter's Discontent

Wynter’s Discontent by Nigel Draper (Wynter #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Wynter a popular man. A Sheriff from Oregon wants him … a couple of gangsters from Chicago are chasing him … and he’s about to end up on a Mafia hit list. If that weren’t enough, the Secret Service is about to add to his troubles by making him an offer he can’t refuse. What else could possibly go wrong?

Wynter had spent time in worse places, but he couldn’t recall any of them being as remote as Alyson. Lost in the Cascades, the town was as far from civilization as you could get before you headed back. At best it was a one dog town. Wynter reckoned the horse had left years ago and even the dog was beginning to look bored.

Searching for something approaching excitement on a Friday night, Wynter found a card game in the room behind the general store. Pushing open the door, a jumble of jars, boxes and packets met his gaze, and a smell of coffee beans mixed with cheese smacked his nose. The middle of the room was taken up by a round wooden table covered by a worn baize cloth, with a single light bulb dangling above it. Six men sat around the faded green cloth, a bottle of whiskey and some glasses keeping them company.

Invited to sit down,Wynter pulled up a chair and glanced around the table. Two of his opponents seemed decent, tie-wearing men whose wives probably insisted they went to church on Sundays. He had run into men like that all round the country, social types playing at being gamblers. The other four were different: they weren’t playing at being anything. Rougher and meaner, they were a throwback to frontier days – the type that didn’t own a tie or trouble the church much. Dressed by mail order, one had three fingers on his left hand while another had a broken front tooth. Wynter would have bet his pick-up they weren’t married, or had ever had their pick of local women … or any woman costing more than ten dollars.

The first few hands of the evening had played out easily enough. There were a couple of odd house rules, but then every house has its rules. One was that the deal moved to the left after every three hands, which, as far as Wynter could make out, gave everyone an equal opportunity to cheat.


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