XPD Xentopolis Police Department: Cain’s Shadow by Armand Hale


XPD Xentopolis Police Department: Cain’s Shadow by Armand Hale
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 317 Kb

XPD : To protect and Serve. That’s the motto of the Sentinels. And as of now, Jack has joined their ranks. As the newest member of the Sentinel Division of the Xentopolis Police Department, he’ll be in the vanguard of law enforcement. Equipped with armor and equipment that will enhance his strength, speed, and senses, he’ll patrol the streets to keep the city safe.

But he can’t do it alone. Aurora Engel is also new to the XPD and she’s been assigned as Jack’s TIME partner. It’s her job to watch his back and help him cope with the power the XPD has given him. Figuratively and literally.

Jack and Aurora’s first year in the XPD has turned out to be one of the most dangerous on record as a new chem called Beowulf has hit the streets. Capable of giving the average person the power of a Sentinel without any of the control, the Beowulf crisis will lead the duo to a plot that will endanger the city and countless lives.

He’ll need to count on her, and she’ll need to count on him if they have any hope of stopping the threat that stands to strike at the very heart of Xentopolis.

“CADWELL!” and again.

“CHARNESKI” and again.

“CUTTER!” This time things went differently. The course started normally and Cutter made his way forward with his sidearm lowered. He came to the first barrier, and a target appeared from behind. He raised his weapon and opened fire. Jack heard the ping as the bullet hit the screen and the lights immediately returned to their regular levels.

Cutter had shot a civilian. Automatic fail. He hung his head low and holstered his weapon as he walked towards the exit on the other side. Jack didn’t know if this was Cutter’s first try or his third. But he wished him the best. The instructor continued to call out names until finally; it was Jack’s turn.


He walked out of line and made his way towards the instructor. His movements were stiff as he felt the eyes of every cadet on him. The instructor tapped something into his ETAB then addressed Jack in a rushed bored tone.

“Cadet Fonglitch you have 300 seconds to reach the other end of this obstacle course. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You must achieve a time and accuracy combined score of at least 70 to pass this course, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Firing on a civilian target whether or not you hit is an automatic fail, do you understand?”



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