Yen’s White Lie by Charles Gerard

Yen's White Lie

Yen’s White Lie by Charles Gerard
English |2019|General Fiction/Classics | ePUB |2.8 MB

Saigon, 1997 – Vietnam has opened its borders to adventurous travelers, who stay on and make the country their new home.A culture-shocked foreigner, who makes his living by teaching English and doing odd jobs for casting agencies, befriends a young Vietnamese woman at the Saigon Café, an infamous expat hangout.Unaware that she is not who she says she is, he flirts with her during his heavy-drinking sessions, and their friendship deepens.Their appetite for kinky sex soon turns their relationship into a tumultuous competition where they vie with each other in the quest for novel erotic adventures. Five years after they have parted, he returns from Helmand, Afghanistan, and learns the staggering truth about her identity.Then he discovers he has only been told the truth so someone close to the young woman can exploit him – with tragic consequences.

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