You Are Mine by Riley Clarke

You Are Mine

You Are Mine by Riley Clarke (Girl Broken, Book Two)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Riley Clarke is a thriller author from Melbourne, Australia who has a passion for gripping fiction. When not working hard or spending time with family, Riley can be found locked away in an office devoting as many hours as possible to a manuscript.

Could you take a life to save your own?
Faith’s world will never be the same again. Not after he took everything from her. Now, there’s only one way to stop the man who murdered her sister. And it will push her to the edge.
After coming to terms with her involuntary commitment to the Little Lake State Hospital, Faith discovers the monster who fractured her life is posing as her psychiatrist. Keeping a close eye on Faith, Dr. Robert O’Reilly has only one promise for her: tell anyone about the horrible things he’s done, and he will kill her mother.
With no choice but to keep O’Reilly happy, Faith must suppress her desires for revenge, no matter the personal toll.
But thoughts of justice swarm her mind after O’Reilly gives Faith a stark reminder she won’t soon forget. She belongs to him.
As Faith falls deeper and deeper into O’Reilly’s authority, she soon realizes there is only one way her suffering ends. With the death of the beast who destroyed her life.
Can Faith find the courage to take a life? Or has O’Reilly crushed her soul beyond repair?

I give her a shrug and twist away, hoping it will be enough to show her I don’t care. Of course, it will only encourage a response.

“Don’t turn the other cheek with me, bitch,” Cass says, stabbing a finger into my bicep. The second she touches me, Jane takes full control. But she doesn’t let me watch from the back seat the way she usually does. She blocks me out.

Darkness bathes me like I’ve been thrown into a deep pool of water. I can’t hear or see a damn thing, and I have no way of pulling myself out of this state. Until Jane is finished, I’m forced to stay in here. I call this place the void.

When I first became conscious of this hell, it was like trying to fight off a panic attack with both arms tied behind your back. It was pure torture. But with enough therapy and a better understanding of my condition, I’ve come up with a few ways to deal with these moments.

Closing my eyes—if I can even do such a thing in this state—I take the opportunity to calm down my breathing and relax until Jane feels I’m ready to take back over. After all, she’s only trying to do her job and protect me.

What seems like only a minute later, I find myself conscious again and out of the dark. I’m standing over Cass as she rolls around on the floor beneath me, clutching her nose. My fist is balled up tight, and there’s blood on the knuckles of my right hand. Oh no. What did Jane do?

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