You Think You Know Someone by J.B. Holman

You Think You Know Someone

You Think You Know Someone by J.B. Holman (Foxx and Connor #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 868 Kb

You Think You Know Someone: Who is Dominion 1431? And why shoot the PM? 60 million suspects. Only one culprit.

Eduard Foxx, secret agent, traitor and the tactician who planned the assassination, meets his match in Julie Connor, a quiet, unexceptional, self-deprecating, reclusive civil servant with a secret.

For their own reasons, they each need to uncover the identity of Dominion 1431, the shadowy figure behind the assassination and unravel a complex plot to change the course of history. But nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted in the convoluted world of political intrigue. Foxx and Connor find themselves in a race to stop the destruction of democracy . . . or are they already too late?

“Target locked, aim secured, the highly trained finger pressed firmly against the precision-engineered trigger. Two bullets whistled through the air.

Job done.

Two years earlier, in a small provincial town, Julie Connor sat alone on her sofa and cried. Her book fell limp in her hands, tears blurred the words. She felt the hurt.

‘Why do you do that?’ she said quietly to the men in her book.

‘Why?’ she said to the men in her life.

Her sighs filled the emptiness. She read on, sobbing painful raw emotion across Thomas Hardy’s penultimate page. Tess of the d’Urbervilles had been a bad choice. She rested her eyes remorsefully on the unrepentant words, as ever, a reluctant victim, before flicking to the final page. ‘I’m through with men.’ Her thoughts mingled with her reading. ‘I don’t need you, any of you, not now, not ever. Not again.’ Hardy’s final words flowed hesitantly across her eyes. Heartbreak flowed unceasingly across her mind.

She looked up; her gaze resting on his picture. He was smiling. She was not.

It was quiet, deathly quiet.”

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