Your Truth or Mine? by Trisha Sakhlecha

Your Truth

Your Truth or Mine? by Trisha Sakhlecha
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |1.1 Mb

Your Truth : At their wedding Mia and Roy Kapoor promised to love and cherish each other.

Whilst not perfect, their marriage is sacred and their commitment absolute.

But a knock at the door changes everything when Roy is questioned over the disappearance of a young woman.

As Roy and Mia’s life unravels, they must question everything they know about each other if their marriage is to survive.

But what if the real truth is not what they, or you, think?

“Ah, I see. Were you meeting for business purposes or socially?’

‘Socially, I suppose,’ I say, willing myself to stay calm. They don’t know. They can’t.



‘And you haven’t seen her since?’

Stay calm. They don’t know. I repeat it to myself like a mantra but my heart is beating fast. I wonder if they can tell.

‘No,’ I say.

Mia’s standing next to me now, the tea forgotten. I can see the cogs in her brain turning, working out that I lied to her about the press dinner at the Shard. I feel myself contract and shrink. That’s the effect my wife has on me these days.

Sen leans forward, forearms resting on the table, hands clasped. ‘When you met her, did Miss Barnett seem worried about anything? What did you talk about?’

There’s a strange tightness in my chest. I can’t focus. I can barely breathe. While I try to compose my answer, it hits me that I haven’t yet asked why Sen’s questioning me about all this and that in itself might be construed as suspicious.

‘No, she was fine. Look, Ems – I mean Emily – is a journalism student. We’ve worked together on a couple of projects. We met because she wanted some tips on looking for paid freelance work. I haven’t seen her or spoken to her since,’ I blurt out. ‘What’s going on? Is she okay?’

Sen exchanges a quick glance with her partner and he jots something down.

‘Miss Barnett was reported missing on Friday,’ she says. Her voice is even, her face blank. ‘We’ve been going door to door asking people if they remember anything that might help us and your name came up.”

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