Yule Be Magical by Sara Bourgeois

Yule Be Magical

Yule Be Magical by Sara Bourgeois (Familiar Kitten Mysteries #8)
English | 2020 | Mystery /Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

It’s the day after Halloween, and Christmastime is upon Coventry. Kinsley is not in the mood… It might be the pregnancy or the fact that her fiancé left her at the altar. Still, this year more than the years before, Kinsley is annoyed at how the Christmas season starts right after Halloween is over. A dead body then shows up in the hastily erected Santa house, and Remy is a potential suspect. Kinsley feels the need to solve the crime, not just to clear her father’s name but also because she catches a glimpse of the dead woman’s mournful spirit. A ghost without a voice is not something Kinsley can just ignore. But will getting involved in the investigation be the coffin nail in her relationship with Thorn? Or will they work it out only to have her fall into the killer’s deadly snare?


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