Zombie Perdition by Javan Bonds

Zombie Perdition

Zombie Perdition by Javan Bonds (Still Alive Book 7)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

At the end of the world, the zombies are not the scariest monsters. Something evil and vile now hides among the sheep seeking to devour its very heart.
Pastor Mike Brown and his wife, Lauren, are loved by the congregation of the church that rose from the ashes of the zombie apocalypse. But a dark secret, if discovered, could destroy everything.
As Guntersville Island’s fledgling government attempts to solve the mystery of a growing number of missing children, it must ask some hard questions about the messianic leader.
Meanwhile, on the Viva Ancora, Mo, Smokes, and the remainder of the main protagonists continue their trip toward the sea in search of a possible cure. Meeting new friends and foes along the way is, of course, a given: not to mention Mo’s constant complaining.
Will evil win control of paradise? Who can stop its sadistic hunger? Do we need a Hero? Is that a pig?
It’s the end of the world as we know it. Join us, friend. In places where the zombies bite…. fish bite…. life always bites…. and some people bite.
Welcome to Zombie Perdition.

A black stiletto spike slammed into the wall with a wet click. There was only a diseased, unclean, malnourished, blue skull between the ball of the foot and paneling. The fact that the pointed heel was sticking all the way through the eye socket, penetrating undead gray matter, and poking through the back of the skull, meaning this would be the last time the peevie voided its bowels.

Humanity was obviously the victor of this battle. Amy Rice just wanted to untangle herself from her victim without having to get anything gross on her. In a bit of a hurry, with several other starving nudists charging her, it was going to be messy. There was no way around it.

She pushed the ball of her foot forcefully against the wall. Leaking brain squished from every hole above the chin, making a small farting noise as the eggshell thin brain casing popped and crunched under her boot, like infected nacho chips. Now completely brain-dead, the reanimated waif went slack.

Somehow, it was hanging on a tiny spear sticking through the destroyed skull. Foot planted against the wall at shoulder height, she curled her knee and extended it, trying to get the corpse to relinquish its hold. After several attempts, nothing seemed to be working.

Like, what the hell? It’s totally stuck. It’s like the thing wants me to touch it, for reals! Guess I know what I have to do.

The girl dressed as Elektra slid the katana from over her shoulder. With no time to waste, the blonde quickly sliced her blade cleanly through the neck of the peevie. The body toppled, oozing stinking crimson onto the floor. But the shattered and lifeless head still miraculously clung to the stiletto heel.

Filling out her red skintight suit perfectly, she continued her choreographed bloodletting. Her boyfriend, Benji, could have watched her bounce around all day. He even stayed a few steps behind her and took on fewer enemies just so she’d have more reason to move about. He knew he probably should’ve felt somewhat guilty about giving the woman he loved more deadly work, but it was hard to feel anything other than his…

Erect male zombies were rushing the dancing bombshell. Their arousal was caused by a different kind of elation. It was exciting to see fresh, uninfected meat!

Amy’s foot disappeared from its position at a 180-degree horizontal angle. Instantaneously, it reappeared at ninety. The gutted cranium toppled, raining gore as it sailed through the air. If the monster’s truly dead mouth was able to scream, it would have been letting out a banshee wail.

For less than a heartbeat, the lips of the decapitated projectile met with the lips of a currently living reanimated corpse. Then, it exploded as it made full contact, sending rotten teeth, shards of bone, and remaining gray matter into its fellow.

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